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A Thrilling Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Game

Warlock Wars is a strategy and action game around magicians. Each player that joins a lobby gets assigned one mage character. When the lobby is full (size defined by creator), the game starts. Each player gets 15 seconds to buy specific skills (choose a build that will be followed further on). Players fight in an arena using owned skills and Spell. Arena is surrounded by lava, consists of different obstacles and narrows down every 10 seconds. Each kill earns the killer money that can be used at the end of each round (number of rounds also defined by creator) to upgrade/buy new skills. Game would have ranking systems and different assets based on trophies and earnings. Daily quests are also part of the game. Based on different mods, items spawn randomly in arena and grant bonuses to the players.


warlock_wars.zip 39 MB

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